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Such a dumb fucking idea. Think of all of the discourse around the Best Director category ever year and multiply that by a thousand. This should never, ever, ever be done.

As for non-binary actors, why not just nominate them in the category that’s best fitting for the character they’re portraying? There hasn’t even been a non-binary actor that I can think of that would ever even be up for an Oscar anyway, I don’t see why we should change nearly a hundred years of an awards category just for rare fringe circumstances.


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She was on meth. I understand how dumb the war on drugs is, but are we really going to overcorrect so hard that we feel bad for meth users that will ultimately get rehabilitated from situations like this? Someone using meth should not have a kid in their house, full stop. I promise he’s going to be much better off than if he didn’t tell them where she was and she ended up ODing.


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There is no amount of drama in Everything Everywhere that can undo the inanity of dildo fights and evil bagels. The ‘drama’ is all extremely surface level and obvious, and it’s constantly being derailed by stupid random humor. It has no tonal consistency and it all just falls flat. It isn’t funny, it isn’t clever, and it isn’t emotional. It’s barely a step above the average Marvel movie in terms of cinematic substance. Swiss Army Man felt much more authentic and organic in its weirdness and I think that’s the far superior Daniels movie as a result. Everything Everywhere is just a sequence of random things that happen and there’s no joy in any of it.


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It looks like the others have been Apple TV+ movies but they don’t have any PG-13 movies on the horizon. If it was R I would bet money on it being Tetris, but the rating is really throwing me off.

EDIT: Just looked and the last one was actually Missing, a Sony release. Next Sony movie is 65, so I’m betting on that being the pick after all.


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I’ve seen this take so many times and I just don’t get it. Maybe if the movie took itself seriously for five minutes I would understand the moments that are apparently deeply emotional, but it doesn’t. The movie just treats everything like a dumb joke and I can’t imagine why any of it would honestly make someone feel “seen” in that way. It has nothing to say that hasn’t been stated by dozens of movies every year.


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She’s a much bigger name now, of course she will get more roles and I’m sure they will give her more opportunity to shine. I personally think all of the performances in EEAAO are pretty shallow. What people like about the movie is the screenplay, the characters could have been portrayed by just about anyone and the movie would still be the same. There’s no gravitas that any of the performers add to their roles. Tár, on the other hand, feels deliberately constructed to give Cate Blanchett a career-defining role.


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It wouldn’t unify me, a person who doesn’t like EEAAO and thinks that Blanchett’s performance in Tár is legendary. Time will be much kinder to Tár than it will be to Everything Everywhere All At Once. When the self-aware quirkiness that plagues all of Hollywood finally wears off, EEAAO will have nothing to stand on. Michelle Yeoh deserves better than winning for such an obnoxious movie.


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First Man is such a beautiful movie. It's such a tonal shift from Chazelle's other films and it's better for it. It's cold, but not in an isolating way. It really feels like a good reflection of what must have been going through Armstrong's head at the time - having just lost his daughter and then training for a world-changing mission.


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I loved the movie but I think the ending is laughable and just misses the point of the rest of the movie. Chazelle described Babylon as "a hate letter to Hollywood," and the entire movie reflects that, up until that ending. It's a very strange way to end the movie that's about Hollywood ruining and killing its talent throughout the decades. Aside from the tonal issues, I just thought it was cheesy. It's like something I'd watch on YouTube and say "Oh, neat" about and never think of again. It's just very odd all around.


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Early? It came out at the end of September.

It’s not getting awards talk because it doesn’t deserve it. It’s a slightly above-average romcom with the classic Judd Apatow problem of being too long and meandering. Movies like that don’t win awards. Frankly, it’s pretty basic and not a very interesting inclusion to Apatow’s repertoire.


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I’m a bit more baffled by the fact that Kansas said no to an abortion ban by such a large margin and still chose one of the most anti-abortion candidates in the country. It feels like having an (R) next to your name is a cheat code to say whatever you want with no repercussions.