OneShartMan t1_j1hzbqv wrote

When I mentioned Ukraine it was meant to show what happens when a country depends on other countries for its security. They might be winning, but they are suffering enormous losses and damages. We can’t afford those kinds of losses, and we can’t beg the entire world for help like Zelenskyy does. That’s why we will never compromise our security because of the world opinion on us. And I get what you’re saying, but that has nothing to do with Bibi or our government. It feels like this because of exposure, not only yours. And blaming us for you feeling unsafe, is missing the entire point of why we live in Israel and fight for it every single day.

Bottom line is, Jews will never feel safe, and blaming other jews for it is kind of ironic.


OneShartMan t1_j1hbxhy wrote

The point I was making went over your head. We don’t give a shit what people around the world think of us, and we rather be hated and safe than loved and hurt. Just look at Ukraine. Don’t take this as an insult, but what you probably started reading about this topic online in the last few years, so that’s why you think it’s changed somehow. No, its been like this for decades and the only thing that changed is your exposure to it.