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Would we though? In this day, the only people living “wild” that we know about are in warm climates. Africa, Amazon, the pacific islands. However, they still need to make clothes for the wet seasons. They still need to make shelters. My point is put a family pet dog or cat in the wild and they will survive with just being them. We need to shelter ourselves from nature. We, in our natural naked form are very much defenseless against the elements of nature.


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I agree with your sentiment. We should not be ALLOWED to move beyond this planet. We will only bring harm wherever we go.

At the current rate of tech we possess the only way we could even practically make it To another habitable planet would be to build an intergalactic “cruise ship” if you will that could support a few people for at the bare minimum three generations of life. But that would be basically inbreeding at that point an we would most likely not make it either way.