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Calling yourselves "the first traditionally published GenZ book authors" sounds fake and gimmicky. I've seen articles about genZ authors for at least 5 years now -- are none of them traditionally published? Maybe shift the narrative from "we got there first" to "we offer a perspective unique from all the other first-generation-immigrant college kids".

That said, congrats on the book! What literature trends would you like to see become more mainstream in the next few years?


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Lol, are you seriously not aware of temp email sites? What do you use when a subscription or internet service asks you for your email, do you give them your real email? Holy shit

Ok, basic data safety: you should have 3 emails -- personal, work, and a separate gmail for the legitimate services (electric, isp) you use, and give every other website should be given a temporary email. Examples of temporary email providers are guerillamail and cryptomail.