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Worked at UPS as a developer back in the mid 90’s. Was on a tour of the hub in Louisville and was chatting with the guide. Evidently someone shipped live baby frogs the previous summer and the box got damaged and they got out on one of the conveyor belts. Not knowing what the hell was going on the were all hopping like mad trying to keep from being swept off the belt. Both hilarious and sad.


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Not always. You can get folks that realize they can leverage an advantage based on their efficiency to make a lot more by producing at a discount but at greater volume which tends to put a whole lot of pressure on their competition. Whole lot of ways those sort of economics can play out. And no reason that the model that has always occurred for housing stays the same with improved tech.


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Well sort of. I use Fusion 360 for instance. Not always able to see if a hole actually got pushed into a part properly when looking straight onto it because all of the material is the same color. So being able to make sure I cut a hole deep enough would be nice without having to rotate the part. And it might also help to see if a cut I made was too deep and intersected with another void when I didn’t want tit to. Or text I tried to extrude up from a face was pushed in instead. Stuff like that.

You do all this by telling the software the measurements but sometimes there is no substitute for visualizing it.


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I design a lot of 3D parts for 3D printing. Would be handy to have this at times so I can see depth of extrusions and such without constantly rotating the part. Wouldn’t think it would be necessary often, but might be handy to have when you do need it.


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And every one of them has a different use case. A bomber has to fly over a target and that can be really obvious. A satellite can hang out and short of shooting it down countries can’t do much about it. There are things rods from god can do that the others can’t do exactly the same way. Doesn’t mean they are better or worse. Every tool has its task.


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It isn’t meant to provide the same capability as a missile. They have, as you say, missiles for that. The benefit of the rods from god are basically that they offer the advantages of a ballistic missile without a boost stage that can be intercepted. So you have a kinetic energy weapon that can’t really be stopped. Unless you stop them from being launched or take out the satellites before someone goes to use them.

Just different use cases.