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No, you're just making up BS. I know you're making up BS because I'm bothered by homeless people all the time near my apartment downtown. I'm pretty sure one of our regulars on the corner came into our part-business building, saw my keys on the outside of my apartment door, stole them, and stole my bike in turn with them. And it all still happens without there being a tent city here.

All the packages and bikes stolen in East Rock keep on happening with Mill River camp gone too. Weird


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Fair warning, Tibetan Kitchen has a pretty small interior, and have become quite popular. So there may be a wait. If you want to order out though, they have a pretty old school method of just asking for like B15 and D6, etc, they're probably aware most of us can't pronounce the food names


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idk basically every place within 2 miles of the Green is probably good food. Depends what you're looking for. If you want something more upscale, go with L'Orcio or Olea. Next step down Id say Pacifico and South Bay. If you want something more casual, Tibetan Kitchen moved here recently and are fantastic. Sitar is a classic choice, been in business for 30+ years, September in Bangkok is wonderful for Thai themed cuisine. Trinity makes excellent pub food. I saw Mecha mentioned, and yeah they're good. But if you want great ramen with less chance of a line, try out Ramen Kuro Shiro(and a cocktail at 116 Crown a few buildings down if you're feeling fancy)

e: these are more towards downtown. There really isnt much next to Ikea itself.


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this is just a word salad of nonsense. Also NHs government is even larger with 400 members in the House of Reps. 400 Reps who are all people who forever whatever reason don't have to work like a normal adult. This isn't a great model for a government