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Jeff Yass donates to his PAC, James O’Keefe will feature at its fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, and his wife Aarati, a Kathy Barnette donor who called public school kids in CA "gangsters", is currently shopping for a school board seat in Central Bucks School District. “We have not set any limits or targets on how much money will be spent to support our slate of candidates,” said Paul Martino.


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As for the underlying conditions contributing to the root causes of the teacher shortage, the report suggests a lack of respect for teachers in the U.S. may be partially to blame, citing the favorable workplace conditions and generous pay teachers receive in other developed nations, and comparing the general treatment of American teachers to the treatment of those in other professions.


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“The data shows ... that about 8,500 additional patients from out-of-state will be coming to Pennsylvania [in 2023], and so that’s what we are anticipating,” said Planned Parenthood Keystone CEO Melissa Reed. “But I mean, frankly, we shouldn’t have to worry about that. People should not have to be banned from seeking access to vital health care in their own states.”