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If you mean physical changes like why are there no green tall skyscrapers and buildings made out of wood with plants hanging on the side of buildings is because we don't need them. How do you define change? if you define real change as use living on mars then I am confident that real change won't even in 40 years. As AI and tech, in general, get more advanced the less that the user has to adapt to it.


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Sorry for the late reply but yes to the first one. All I care about is being entertained. Everything else comes second. Yes like a hedonist.

I don't think reaching the singularity means any of the three you mentioned. I think as we approach the singularity more possibilities to open up. For example, if you wanted to live off solar power off the grid that is more realistic than 10 years ago. The further you go back in time things, in general, become more limiting. As time goes on it will become more realistic to expect to be living off the grid, expecting to live beyond 200 due to advancing medicine, living in VR, etc.