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Did anyone actually read the article? Sounds to me like he's been on meds, most likely muscle relaxers and had difficulty staying awake. The flight attendants were worried about his health because of this and called an ambulance ,fire, and police. He wasn't happy about this and initially refused to get off the plane but did comply


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SOME have their own way of speaking. A LOT speak normal English. Your studies are bullshit. People tend to accept people of their economic level or higher regardless of race. Your studies also are crap if you really think white and black Americans would have a more difficult time communicating than a white American and a black African


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You may be right about people not being ancestors of slaves but most Americans don't care. Black is black regardless of where they came from. The cab driver from Uganda isn't treated any differently than the cab driver whose great grandparents were slaves. It's all about money and wealth