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Do you sleep better at night being a snob? Doubt it. You sound pretty sad. I know the type, escaped a small town and now feels better putting down everyone else still in them because of some weird superiority complex. Know lots of them, definitely a type. Last comment. Get some help.


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Ah there’s that classism again! I said in a comment above where I live. Used to live in Pittsburgh, still care about the city a lot and hope to move back one day. Current circumstances don’t allow it. Again, not everyone lives your reality.

Still waiting to hear where else I can safely, in your opinion, buy Drano when my drain is clogged.


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Wow you need to get outside and off of Reddit more, my dude. I don’t have a Costco. I used to live by one, now I live in an area with a lot less options because I was priced out of where I was living, that’s capitalism for ya. I’m trying to make ends meet as best as I can with the options I have because when I need Drano, I can’t make it appear from thin air or get it from some local artisan. “Anyone with options” - do you even hear the classism in your tone there or are you totally clueless?

Does Costco carry everything? No they definitely don’t. Did Walmart kill your grandma or something? I agree they’re an evil shit corporation, you won’t find me defending them at all but people need to make ends meet and don’t all have the same options as you do. Aldi just had a big recall on some frozen fruit. Are they better overall than Walmart? Sure. Are they perfect? Nah, almost nowhere you spend your money is.

You’re passive aggressively coming at me, I assume, because I mentioned price checking shit at Walmart? Ok. But you need a grip on reality and maybe a touch less militant idealism. Not everyone lives your reality. Go take a deep breath of some fresh air.


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Yeah dude why would I spend time looking for work in your field when I don’t even know what field that is? Must be one that doesn’t require understanding of basic punctuation or grammar, apparently. Catholic school graduate? High quality education, clearly.

I see there are some issues in Canada I was unaware of, but you seem to be pretty uninformed about issues happening in the country where you currently live. Good luck I guess.


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No, I don’t and I think your comments make you sound pretty naive. You can be weary of the public school system here all you want but a) catholic schools aren’t somehow magically immune to these issues, in fact I would argue they have the same issues plus others, and b) such a school that is 100% safe just doesn’t exist. “Here” being the entirety of Pennsylvania.

“I’m aware we are trying to have our cake and eat it too” - so I guess you’re at least a little self-aware after all.