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Nothing British about it. This idiocy exists world over. Remember when the wrong guy got pointed to as the Boston marathon bomber? Or when someone shot up a pizza restaurant because of a rumour about paedophiles? Or when people stormed their nation's capital because someone who lost two popular votes in a row told them the election was rigged? Or remember when people, to this day, still try to claim a president of their nation wasn't actually from their nation and demanded he prove it, while also, to this day, claiming his wife is trans?


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>-UK: Baby names in England and Wales Statistical bulletins, 2011 to 2018

-Canada: British Columbia 100 Years of Popular Baby names, 1918 to 2018

So not Canada, just BC, and not the UK, just England and Wales, which aren't the same thing. I mean, they'll show the same data, as England in the UK, is the US in your chart, but still it feels disingenuous to call it the UK when it isn't.

Also look at those years, 139 years for the US, 100 years for British Columbia, 75 for Australia, and 7 for England and Wales. I find it difficult to believe this doesn't somewhat skew this data.

Really this chart is just "gender neutral names in the US over a century and a half".