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BBs were fed into that smaller barrel underneath the main barrel. You had to slide the lid to the smaller barrel off to the side, pour the bb's into it, and then slide the lid back to closed. A trick my dad taught me was to make a funnel with my hand by grabbing the top of the barrel with just my pinky and hand with the funnel top being between your thumb and index finger. You could pour the bb's into that part and they would funnel down through my hand and into the barrel. That way you didn't have to spill them trying to pour them directly into the system.


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Yeah, the crane was really cool. The rolled up green thing was astro-turf, which was for the train set that is in the boxes on that chest behind the crane. The yellow tin on the dresser is what the bb's came in. All Christmas day scores.


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That cat only had use of three legs. And not because I shot it. We heard it meowing while in the drive-thru line at a Hartz Chicken. I opened the car door and it hopped in. We named it Gimpy.


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Six year old me on Christmas Day 1977 with my Red Ryder bb gun. I still have that bb gun and both eyes.