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More like never.

Hear me out; We are not getting any better in regards to battery technology, we are stuck and based on my experience in chemistry we are permanently stuck.

Science fiction gives people the idea of "fuel cells" and other tiny power sources that somehow break the laws of physics and have insane amounts of power in a tiny package. We haven't really closed the gap between a bomb and a power source that can use similar chemistry to release necessary energy and even if we did, it wouldn't actually be much, you see if you distill a hand grenades energy it's actually not that much better than a freaking battery of similar size!

So let's get to the point: Humanoid robots won't be able to carry significant shit for decades or maybe ever, BD ones can only carry around 10 KILOS that's like 22 lbs.

Manual labour will be needed and the only way I see it not been needed is when an AGI designs a some sort of biological automaton out of nightmares


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> What would have been impossible?

For a non-modern system to exist that somehow prevent all wars, genocides, famines, etc. It's High Fantasy.

> Lots of empires were outwardly expansive. None of them took over the world like capitalism did, because their expansionist goals were motivated simply by power fantasies of their leaders.

Power that came from CAPITAL, capitalism has always existed since the first civilization, it even existed in the USSR.


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I'm actually a 10 year veteran of that sub and back then we were convinced 2018 and forwards was the beginning of the end... lmao we had all this papers and studies and projections.

None of them meant squat. Outside a black swan event which I believe is still possible civilization ain't collapsing anytime soon.


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It cannot, it has nearly 100% credibility but it's plagued by an american accent.

For example I trained it with 1 minute of my voice in spanish speaking spanish and it does english well but it cannot speak spanish well. Same thing would be for the nord women and the accent.

It would work for many other races of TES but not nords, khajit, argonians, for example.

You would have to wait for a separate update that deals with accent and cadence.


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> It's not unlikely that in the future you could need Luddites to keep you and your family alive.

Much of the tech leaders today are survivalists.

We don't need luddites, mennonites or the amish for the end of civilization. In fact from what I know directly about mennonites; they are industrial farmers, dunno about the others but they're certainly not some sort of self-sustaining society.


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When an AI can plan an economy better than anything I think the marxist are gonna smear that in everybody's else face while completely missing the fact that it required a godly machine to make their system work.

Technocratic socialism was already tried in Chile and it did nothing no matter what the Allende stans claim.


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So you want a complete human slave... The poor thing has no choice but to love you unconditionally because you predetermined so through genetic engineering I suppose. wow.