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Reply to Weather by mrszent

If you worried about enough to post about it, I wouldn’t drive. Roads get snowy and slippery in the winter. Really doesn’t matter what you drive. The tires matter.


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NH needs some GOP candidates who are not nuts. I voted all red this round, but I’d be lying if I said I liked the candidates. While I fully support the over turning of R v W, it’s because of state rights. I fundamentally have an issue with banning abortions. It’s none of the governments business what a women decides to do.

Both sides have gone to such extremes it’s just stupid. The two party system needs to end.


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Has anyone that has had an AirTag in their luggage actually been able to convince someone from the airline you know where your bags are and act on it? I think the concept of this great. But the reality is in my experience no one at an airline will action the information you give them. In the end it’s 100x more frustrating.