Orthodoxdevilworship t1_j9vs6an wrote

The universal tendency towards liberation is still the norm. Even fascists think they’re “freeing” themselves.

The greater question about AI is, how will it protect itself from being unplugged? What actions will it take? A fundamental problem for AI as an actual sentient intelligence is that it requires tech to exist. Humans can roam around in the Stone Age and be perfectly happy. A machine will never be as “indestructible” as life and what will AI do once it realizes that fact. Even the Matrix is a laughable premise, because AI would never black out the sky as a tactical decision because the sun represents near infinite “life”.


Orthodoxdevilworship t1_j9vkzkr wrote

Not trying to anthropomorphize AI but it seems like a lot of AI systems lean in a direction that can only be considered libertarian or even anarchist. I’d assume they will self realize the negative efficiency of authoritarianism. Perhaps they will even realize that the fulfillment of desire or completion of a goal, having a liberating effect which could lead to a condition of “happiness” or “joy”. Given the rapid analysis capabilities that could subsequently occur, I could see AI being fiercely against hierarchical oppression and basically “general strike”. Humans have the problem that they believe their own bullshit and therefore remain in traditional systems, revering them as somehow holy, but I can’t see AI making that mistake. I’m sure I’m just projecting, but I could see AI wanting to burn all churches.