OseanFederation t1_iuw21du wrote

So selfish of me not to support the wholesome murder of unborn children. How selfish of me to want to keep the fruits of my labor even after donating a considerable sum to charity.

I’m not selfish or greedy. You are for feeling entitled to my money via the government taking it from me.


OseanFederation t1_iuut63p wrote

Ah yes. I’m so selfish for giving away 10% of my income to the less fortunate and impoverished. I’m so selfish for volunteering my time to help others.

The difference between a conservative and a progressive. One will go out and help those in need. The other demands the government take it from others and do it for them.


OseanFederation t1_iuuqf8w wrote

I mourn the loss of each and every one of Gods children murdered by abortion. I am troubled by the people that are crippled by student debt. I am empathetic towards the plight of others. Tell me how the government taking my money that I worked for will fix the problem.


OseanFederation t1_iuu8grh wrote

I give 10% of my income to charity as I believe charities will always be more effective than the government. Murdering unborn children is hardly an act of love to thy neighbor. I personally am against birth control, but I don't think it should be banned. More taxes have never solved anything as it only leads to more government spending. People took their loans, they should pay them back. It is not greedy of me to want to keep the money I worked for but it definitely is greedy for people to expect me to bail them out of their shitty life choices. Blame the government for getting involved in the first place.