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From Wikipedia:

During the 1st and 2nd centuries, the Roman Empire had a population estimated in the range of 59 to 76 million.[2] The population likely peaked just before the Antonine Plague. Harper[3] provides an estimate of a population of 75 million and a population density of about 20 people per square kilometre during its peak. In contrast to other ancient and medieval societies, the Roman Empire appears to have had unusually high urbanization rates. During the 1st and 2nd centuries CE, the population of the city of Rome is conventionally estimated at one million inhabitants. Ian Morris[4] estimated that no other city in Western Eurasia would have as many again until the 19th century.


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A filmmaker’s version of “100% accurate” lasts precisely as long as it takes them to run into an aesthetic, dramatic, or practical limitation. For instance, they sought to “exactly recreate” the interiors of the boat. But then Cameron decided the main staircase wasn’t big enough to fit his vision, so they enlarged it. It’s a minor thing, inconsequential on its own, but it’s not historically accurate. There’s also the case of the crewman who shoots people for trying to board the lifeboats, and then shoots himself. There are reports from survivors of shots being fired, but iirc, no one actually saw him execute anyone. They used the real person’s real name and portrayed him as a callous killer, based on speculation. Even Cameron has admitted he regrets that.

The fact is, Cameron’s film is based as much on A Night to Remember as it is on historical record.


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Are you familiar enough with burial rites of East African cultures of the 18th century to decide what counts as a “proper burial” for those people? Because if not, you’re doing it out of guilt rather than respect for the dead.

Build a memorial, by all means, but leave the bodies alone.


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I almost can’t sleep without a fan on. My body has mad trouble regulating its temperature, but a small breeze on my face helps keep me from getting sweaty. I also like the white noise aspect, I think.


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Oh sure. I was being a little deliberately obtuse. They can be used to demonstrate that a person has certain cognitive abilities that we in the West have deemed are indicators of intelligence - logic puzzles, pattern recognition, mathematics, grammar and syntax tests. But not every culture values these things the same. And someone who doesn’t score highly on such a test doesn’t necessarily lack intelligence. Anyone can improve their IQ score simply by taking repeated tests and learning how they work.

If you’re from a culture where such tests are fairly common, you’ve got more chance of getting a high score. Even within one geographical area, chances are, if you go to a decent school, you’ll be better prepared than someone who doesn’t.