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I frequently walk to places in my area, and have considered carrying a squirt gun filled with gak-like fluid so I can tag non-stoppers. I like your stick idea.


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I worked in the area for a few months at the nearby church and walked in that park everyday, never had an issue. I patronized a few restaurants on Orange Avenue; one had the best Jamaican food in NJ. Like most places, keep your car locked after you park, and make sure nothing is visible that would entice a break-in.


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Some libraries offer foreign language classes; yoga classes, free walkers group (they have planned walks throughout the year), Toastmasters, to name a few. I use to live in WC, and ended up moving because of lack of things to do or being too far away from things interesting to me.


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Thousands of people lost their jobs over his cancellation. Engineers, surveyors, geotechs. He didn’t campaign on this either. He did it to preserve his status for a future presidential run. The project would have created 10k permanent jobs and fully funded the state pension system. A lot of ground work had already been done. He also ran on the promise of same sex marriage, which is why a lot of people voted for him that would typically not vote republican. He immediately flip flopped on that promise. He defunded NJ transit hurting mostly the elderly, and disabled. He lost rare federal dollars on both infrastructure and education. He had very few accomplishments that have been overshadowed by his failures.


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Small businesses can’t compete with larger companies for healthcare and other benefits, nor with the online retail. Small businesses in the USA are best suited with an owner, and maybe only the owner, actually working behind the counter. Maybe it’s not a good idea to leave your customers in the hands of a minimum wager, who could care less about your success or failure. Customer service from anyone other than the owner is usually non-existent. I can’t stand to hear small business owners complain ad nauseam about the government when they are not even minding their shop. Some have no real business plan. Example: walk into a downtown clothing boutique and good luck getting a greeting, assistance, or answers to questions. They can’t even bother to clean the sidewalks. It’s a 180 of what I’ve experienced in Europe yet the popular opinion is that European countries make it impossible for small businesses. Don’t get me started on window displays.


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Baggallini makes water-resistant, antibacterial bags. They are lightweight and resilient, and available in many styles and sizes. I have several, my oldest one is 12 years old and I’ve used it on weeks-long treks in Europe almost annually, and it still looks good. They are well made and reasonably priced.