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LOL! Just because nobody you know used it and that it's some novel word to you doesn't mean "nobody used it" and doesn't mean it hasn't been a common word for a couple thousand years. It's literally Latin, used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It's use has persisted to this day. Latin is still used in the medical community and is the root of many words in Western English.

It just means it's been "re-learned" by more people. If you consumed literature outside of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, and the like, it wouldn't be new to you.

It's clear that you are younger, and don't have broad exposure to the world at large (at least to literature), and need to be exposed to broader ideas.

I don't say that to insult you, but to encourage you to broaden your horizons and knowledge. You're going down the right path - curiosity, knowledge seeking, asking questions, et cetera (abbreviated etc, but also Latin!)

👍I applaud you asking questions, and your curiosity. That is how we all learn.


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Nope, I haven't watched that yet.

I probably learned it in grade school or middle school, several decades ago. It's not some novel word for me. ;)

Cool if you learned it from the movie though. Good on you! It's a good habit to look up new words you might hear or read so you can expand your vocabulary.

I've always been an avid reader, and have always made it a point to lookup words I don't know.

I distinctly remember looking up "hyperbole" when I was young and proceeding to mispronounce it for years, despite knowing what it means. 😸


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>In order to ensure the enemies are defeated the body itself makes the entire battle field cater to their advantages. Fevers, selectins, permeability etc all are auto responses to improve the wbcs shots at winning and being effective

That's the best explanation of why symptoms, such as fever, happen that I've ever read.

It's to disadvantage the invader and provides an advantage to the defense.

Sometimes the defense can cause more harm than good, but that's a different topic.