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I have, and it's incredible.

But...do they have something like a gift shop that sells prints of maps from their collection? I haven't been there since I was a student 20 years ago, but back then at least there was nothing like that.


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>in Maine: You know solar panels still work under snow, right?

I did not know this, and I'm still not sure I do. Are you saying that they work even with a foot of snow on top of them blocking out the sunlight? Or just that snow tends to melt and slide off of them so it doesn't end up being a big deal?


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Reply to comment by lil_splooter in Moving to Waterville? by lil_splooter

Basically the area between Silver St. and the Kennebec River, bounded by downtown at the north end and the cemetary to the south.

It's the lower-income, higher-crime part of town, but you have to put that in perspective--it's still Maine, not Detroit. It's not the part of town I'd want to live in if I moved back, but I think the comment you're replying to makes it out to be worse than it actually is.


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It depends what type of camp you're looking for. Overnight and sports camps may fill up quickly, but day camps tend to always have availability (or at least, that was the case way back when when I worked for them).

What sort are you looking to send your kids to?


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It's not what you'd normally expect from a James Beard award-winner, but it's cute and the food is decent. If I remember right, there's also a room upstairs where they sell homespun, crafty type stuff. Sometimes you can see the animals milling around on the other side of the road, which was actually my favorite part. Goats crack me up.

Worth a trip.


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Haha, the statement by the artist in that article sounds like it's being read at gunpoint, like in a hostage video.

"The Native American woman figure wears the clothing I had originally planned for her," --grimace--"before our original model expressed a desire to wear her spiritually significant garments."

Masked gunman gestures with gun, indicating that she continue

"And of course, we changed the young girl who was kneeling so that her pose is now reminiscent of..." --breathes deeply, trying to summon the strength-- "Colin Kaepernick. I hope this is useful.”