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And as the article points out, Musk himself said Twitter should run according to the laws and not just the values of a small number of people in a certain geographic area.

Now, by that he meant conservatives shouldn’t be banned for calling people slurs just because people in Silicon Valley don’t like it. But now the court get to use his words to justify why Twitter should be subject to Australia’s laws and not just Delaware’s.


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He claims he didn't know his company was doing so but he's too busy to fix every problem himself. Meanwhile he responds to every complaint Catturd has personally and today is busy complaining that Justin Roiland was fired for the felony DV charge and all the texts of him being a sex pest and grooming underage girls.


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It’s really not. They’re using the same stuff every American company is using. Google probably knows more about you from tracking all your browser and search activity, email activity, and potentially phone activity including location and bundling that all into one valuable data profile to sell to advertisers.