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The problem might be that kids (my kids at least) rarely wear pants with a zipper. I’m walking around in the same pair of jeans or dockers all week. They’re wearing shorts or these stretchy nice sweatpants things with no zipper.

The times they are a changin.


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New chef. It’s still fantastic imo, but they played with the recipes a bit. The owner told me the dosas have more of a “spring roll” feel where there are more fresh herb and whatnot. I wasn’t a big fan of the change. They also have a couple new dishes. The Manchurian cauliflower is my new fav.


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Not the best option, but worth noting that most Giant Eagle locations have a vegan section in their “market district”. I really like the spiced jackfruit pouches, and the creamy vegan cheese substitute.


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It’s your local government that will have to make the sale from a public municipality to the private company like Aqua.

You can be active locally. Go to monthly board meetings and spread the word in community Facebook groups… especially if you see the topic on the city council monthly meeting agenda.