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Meddling, way way farther, started before the spanish-american war basically when america entered the second industrial revolution, the one that turned america from a little small known nation into an economic superpower. Turner was the one who kinda kicked started the event in which corporations will use america for it's own interest.


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Of course we supported the mujahideen freedom fighters but lets ignore the fact the leaders of the taliban were mujahideen fighters. The taliban didn't exist but the leaders existed and leaders went on to form the taliban and start a war. You need to ask yourself, how could the taliban start a war, where did they get weapons from? We may say we didn't but we gave the leaders the weapons to use against their own nation. We allowed them to kickstart with the weapons we gave to them to fight against the soviet union.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taliban#Soviet_intervention_in_Afghanistan_(1978%E2%80%931992) Looks under soviet intervention we gave the leaders weapons.