Outrageous_Nothing26 t1_jeevj66 wrote

It’s not about the skynet scenario bro, it’s about trusting those governments. We don’t know if they will just provide the bare minimum to survive and since your skills become useless there is no exit, leaving us in precarious situations where only some have access to services. It might send us all tho ghettos, remember humans are still in charge snd they don’t have great track records. They could use that ai to suppress any type of insurrection as well, we are at the mercy of a few decisión makers


Outrageous_Nothing26 t1_jdvi8qx wrote

Well the truth, it doesn’t really matter, we could be living in a the magical world of harry potter and your anhedonia would do the same. I was just kidding with the skill issue but it sounds like depression, i had something similar happen but it’s just my unsolicited opinion and it doesn’t carry thar much weight