Outside_Ad_677 t1_ja06pjk wrote

“It’s been a week since my parents died and now I have their stupid soda shop, what am I going to do with This failing business as it turns out no one wants to go to the middle of nowhere to buy soda when most everywhere else sells it anyways no matter what stupid flavours my parents came up with… so why do you guys keep coming after me I’m selling the business”

“Don’t you see that’s the problem you sell it to the oddly named Charles billions who will make this shop a front for his mafia which one think would be bad enough but it gets worse he uses the mafia do not only get a monopoly on sodas but all drinks period including water and by controlling humanity’s most important need he ends up the richest person in the world and proceeds to buy every business and person it’s horrid”

“Right okay so clearly I shouldn’t sell to Charles but last week I couldn’t sell to James million and the week before can’t sell Sam thousand what am I supposed to do”

“Don’t sell at all just run the business”

Later the time traveller is talking to someone in an office building

“Boss why do you keep having us lie to the kid the time traveller act is kind of ridiculous”

“It’s simple the kid doesn’t care to look into what the business actually is and as long as no one discovers how much money is in the business I’ll stay on top in the medicine business… seriously who develops a miracle cure all and sells it as soda in the middle of nowhere”