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I've seen a lot of debate about the context of that deleted material. Some really philosophical stuff. Like which aspect of the Monster is considered the original monster? In Ghost, it's Ygor in there for sure. But in the deleted Wolfman material, the Monster talks about these events objectively


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I know it was a conplete happenstance but I love that Lugosi played the Monster after hia brain was put into it. Lugosi finally playing the role he had been approached to take back when they made the original in '31.


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Nope. It happens in Ghost of Frankenstein (the fourth movie)

Ygor in this movie is the devious mastermind, sending the Monster out to kill. The son of the original Dr. Frankenstein is forced by Ygor to perform an operation that will give the monster a new brain, his own. Ygor has his own brain placed inside the monsters body. Unfortunately for him he knows nothing about science and the blood types turn out to be incompatible. The Ygor Monster goes blind.

In the 5th movie, Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, the Monster is discovered alive. He is still blind and lumbers around with his arms out because this is how has had to learn how to walk. Coupled with the fact that the Monster is played this time by Bela Lugosi (the original Dracula) who at this time was getting on in years and substance abuse. The kicker is that the studio demanded any and all reference to the Monster being blind removed from the film. So now audiences just seen a stumbling lumbering growling oaf on screen. People parodied the look so hard it became engrained in the culture.

These movies get weird man