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https://dockets.justia.com/docket/new-york/nysdce/1:2020cv10291/549912 seems like they sued the city of new york, too. so you're right, probably the law department. i'll ask a friend of mine who works there.

edit: my friend says it's ny law dept's divison of "special federal litigtation", so you're right.


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yeah my guy, the cops have their own law department. my friend literally worked there. they are treated by cops and others as if they are part of the nypd, even if there is nominal structural separation. they are de facto part of the nypd. which is why my friend didn't continue working there. he felt that even the IA lawyers went easy on the cops, which was ironic because they were also despised by the cops as if they were inteneral affairs cops.

but, notably, the lawyers that handle the cases for the cops are not the same ones that handle lawsuits against the city or other departments. that was more the point i was trying to make. the same lawyers do not handle tripping on the sidewalk and police brutality cases.


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you didn't need directions or a map? i've been in nyc for years and i still need something like the maps app or citymapper to get around to places i don't go to regularily, though i have a bad sense of direction. before phones were common i used the maps, talked to people in info booths, and talked to strangers. got lost occasionally. never get lost when using my phone for directions. i wouldn't go back, personally, i'd spend the $50 on a SIM.


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what? in europe unless you're ultra rich you're probably taking the train or the bus from the airport to the city center. that's just what middle and upper middle class europeans do. especially in nyc.

>probably don’t have thousands to spend

what do you think it costs to fly from europe or south america, get a hotel room or airbnb, and pay for food in nyc for a week's vacation? a family of 3 or 4 is spending thousands on airfare alone. that's sort of my point—it is expensive to be an international tourist in nyc.


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really? every single person i know who has ever travelled outside of the US has made sure they have the ability to get directions, call Ubers, stay in touch with people… and i've known europeans who have done this, too.

but like your hotel booking is on there, your ability to get transit directions, to just get around in an unfamiliar place, coordinate with people you're meeting up with…


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idk why people are so pissy about this. it's not an issue on the bus. it's not an issue on metro north, LIRR, nj transit… all of which i've taken with some regularity from time to time. almost everyone is tired and just trying to get to work. the subway is by far the loudest of all the forms of transit in the city, and it's the one with the lease service coverage lol.


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it just totally confounds me that the europeans who have the money to come fly into nyc and be tourists here refuse to spend $30 on a data sim. i used to wait tables and there'd be so many of them trying to get on the wifi (which, fine, we have it) but, like fr? fr fr? you're going to spend thousands on a vacation and not budget for a sim card?