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Not related to Trendsetter, however as someone who once upon a time moved into a new build house, you need to budget for small things a used house would have. Including, backyard infrastructure and window treatments. And getting both done can be a pain in the ass and more costly than someone who just bought a house would want to spend. (Unless you both make excellent money, then please disregard).

Used houses might also have small personalized touches that a new build might not have off the bat. Such as backsplash, upgrades, etc.

The builder may offer such things but they will charge a premium because they expect you to finance it through the mortgage company.


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Personally I've only lived here for 16 months and I have had numerous experiences on the north side of Springfield, specifically the north west side of town between division and Kearney. As well as the area between Mt. Vernon and College.

  1. A shirtless man walking down the street with a shotgun. Gjqxtehsy

  2. A man who chased me because I literally ran over his donuts that were in the middle of the street.

  3. A hit and run accident on Kansas and Kearney.

  4. Numerous tweakers who are obviously high walking up and down the street and sometimes running into traffic.

Now south of Sunset street, where I spent the majority of my free time,.I haven't witnessed anything like that.


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Bro, I am thriving making what I made back home. Back home I couldn't even afford a studio apartment. Here I live in a nice apartment and save $1000 a month towards a home.


Aside from the north end of town, the local area has a ton going for it. From events, attractions, entertainment,food, and scenery.


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You're right. I told myself I was done with this and then I got a notification of this comment and it rubbed me the wrong way. I just found it to be incredibly douchey. That's on me, I should just let it go. Let the man be a douchebag.

Obviously there is something I'm taking personally about this and that's a personal fault.


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What about the family who got death threats from your cult on Facebook?

All you do is me, me , me. You did everything you did to be cryptic and spread hate. All you had to do was...

Hey I promised a family money from a fundraiser I did 8 months ago. I forgot about it got behind on stuff and it caught up with me in the most embarrassing way possible. I apologize and have written a check for money owed plus an additional $500 for being aloof. In the future I will do x y and z to ensure this doesn't happen again.

But no, you posted a cryptic post and made things 100 times worse.

Poor You!

Go cry to your cult of personality page.


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What he did was despicable. Like I said once already I'm not boycotting the restaurant or anything like that. I believe he obviously fucked up and what he did is unforgivable. It's a family who never sought him out, whose name was dragged through the mud because he chose to dodge them for months on end. If it was Mike Hikman that shit would be brought up every time one of his restaurants was mentioned in the comments here.


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Owner of Thai Express offered to raise money for a family whose child died. Never paid the family despite the family reaching out. Family goes to the news. The owner of Thai express tried to stop the story legally before finally owning up to making a mistake.

Owners Facebook post was to a group who worships him. Group largely starts attacking the family the fundraiser was for saying they were after money. Owner stays silent over people's attacks of the family whose child died. Owner finally paid up, by donating the proceeds to a charity that the family chose. Owner finally asked people to stop attacking the family after a long silence.


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It's his community and he was very aware of the comments. Yet nothing was said. And he only confronted it because the fucking news got involved. Before that he ignored it. If the news never got involved he would of cockroached it up for the rest of his life.

I'm not even going to stop going to Thai express. All i'm saying he's a shady dude. I'm not even that invested in this. The facts are the facts. I will give him credit for not censoring decent towards him in his community, that gives him a leg up over Mike Hikman.


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People were literally shitting on the family in the post he made. And he said nothing about it until the final post. That's not a good look.

Before any of this happened he tried to lawyer up and stop the story from coming out.

A family who lost their child had to deal with harassment from his community because he was initially cryptic about the story.

There is nothing he can do to move past it and be forgiven. He has to move forward and move past this. Do better in the future.


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It took three posts for him to ask his supporters not to attack the family. The family didn't even end up taking the money despite the fact many were saying they were money hungry. Doesn't change the fact that Peter ghosted the family and seeked out a lawyer for "deformation".

Never meet your heros folks.