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Yes, they can raise the rent. However, the tenant has 30 days to 'decide' if they 'want' to stay and then another 30 days to vacate if that's what they choose.

Which is fair, depending on the increase. There is no limit in NH to how much a landlord can increase the rent, so this can be used as a method to evict a tenant who follows the rules but asks the landlord to make repairs and such.


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Yeah the chances that a person is going to snap and resort to burning something down is directly proportionate to the the amount of options they can see moving forward.

Most evictions don't end that way despite the inherent stress involved. Most people can find a place to go or aren't so entrenched in debt that they simply collapse.

There should be a way for landlords to get these tenants out but give them someplace to go and recover.

Also, people should have an unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of something beyond that. Life requires shelter.


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On paper, sure.

However, landlords generally get the less traumatic end of the 'unexpected moveout' than the tenants. Keeping a person away from their property for an extra thirty days isn't as bad as forcing a person to uproot and find an affordable place to live in four weeks.

The laws should really take that into account.


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This only adds "End of Lease" to the list of legal reasons to evict, yeah? I thought this was already the case, but I guess not.

Tenants would have the same protections as when the landlord is evicting to sell the property. 30 days from notice of eviction the place is empty, minus complications like legal challenges and process limits. Those delays can be applied universally across all situations.

I don't love it, but it could be worse. As it stands, a landlord can simply bump the rent way past affordability and their tenant is out in 60 days (minus complications.)

There are changes that need to be made in our tenant/landlord system and this is certainly a move in the wrong direction.


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''No ongoing threat'' indeed.

Did the police all quit their jobs and turn in their guns? Or are they still out there shooting people for eating a chicken sandwich in the parking lot of KFC?