P41N4U t1_j6soz1x wrote

#1 Dont hang anymore with the idiots and ignore them, you dont neef them

#2 Sharing nude images without consent is a crime in you country

#3 Nobody really does care or want to see your weird shower nude pictures

You are fine, looks like some assholes and thats it. Its no big deal* dont give it any importance and ignore it or/and pursue legal action if needed.

Also, avoid drinking that much and be positive, this is nothing really


P41N4U t1_j6lbdxq wrote

Looks like you are a potentially great couple but you guys are too insecure about "ruining" the friendship.

It seems he like you and you like him, you are best friends which is something great as you usually want your couple to be a "best friend" who you can talk anything and trust.

This can go many ways. Imo you should consider you feelings, and be honest with him and yourself.

So... start dating! Good luck