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That route will be mostly 4-6 lane highway…and is quite boring. If you don’t mind some highway, head through Baltimore up 95 to Philadelphia, then take 611 North to Stroudsburg. Depending on where in the Poconos you’re going, you can grab 80 there. The drive from Philly to S-Burg up 611 is awesome


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I work in a school, so let me get that out there from the start.

  1. SEL has always been in schools in some way, just more specific these days because of several reasons A. Kids are emotionally and socially “different” as a result of the pandemic. B. Some Parents are not holding kids accountable for their actions in school, and have consistently bashed schools & teachers with ridiculous claims & misinformation they’ve heard on Fox & others
  2. Schools do not indoctrinate kids. We discuss issues that kids bring to us, and try to help them navigate their thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s a slippery slope, but in some cases…we’re the only ones they can trust.
  3. Per latter part of #2 above, some kids want to discuss topics with us because they feel they can’t discuss those topics with their parents.
  4. Public Schools are not Religious-based, so if your child or you as a parent want that, check yourself into a parochial school.
  5. We want to partner with you because if there’s a disconnect…the kids get confused & we have mass chaos.

It’s not about us Vs. them…it truly isn’t. But if we have kids who don’t value others, treat each other with respect & kindness, follow rules & respect the adults…we’ll have no chance of teaching them anything.

PS - I find it odd that most people who claim schools are indoctrinating kids & pushing all of these “scary” things haven’t stepped foot in a school for years. Instead of going on the news, suing districts, ranting on social media…go get your teaching degree & sub or get a teaching job. You can “fix it” from within if it’s truly broken - There is a teaching shortage in PA! But we all know that doesn’t fit their narrative so 🤷


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Having grown up close to SC, there was some discussion back in the 80’s & 90’s about it, but from what I can recall, the existing rail lines in nearby Bellefonte would not be able to handle the load of Amtrak. It’s a historic railroad, and is rarely used. To lay new tracks to SC, along with the work to cut through or over the mountains to Tyrone, were/are costly. Would love to see it happen, though!


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More people definitely are saying “fuck off” now than ever before, that’s for sure. Dems have seemed to be more willing to venture towards the center-right on issues than the other way around, which coupled with candidate choice, pulled moderate Repubs to vote D…so although I see your point, I’ll go back to my original post & reiterate that I don’t see the need to keep yard signs up all year around & beyond…just to “own” others (if that is their intention).


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I’ve heard a couple rumors - bringing back many of the alumni for a pre-game honor walk, moving it to a neutral location (I’ve heard Muhlenberg, Moravian, J Birney), and a week-long celebration including a parade. I also heard they’ve reached out to ESPN to do some sort of coverage, similar to what they did for Easton-P’Burg a few years ago. Just hope it doesn’t end after #100