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It’s nyc the ownership span of a bike left outside is 5 seconds. I’ve seen guys undo scaffolding to get the locked bikes out in front of cops. Police care about weapons can’t be bothered with negligence of people.


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Nah city will never call. The owner can still plug in their plates and see if they got any violations but if the cop messed up the VIN number then it might not show. If you plead not guilty you will show proof and if they approve no need to show up to court. If you appeal their rejection you can provide more evidence, before they can schedule a hearing. If they schedule a hearing then they need to see the owner even if it’s not their fault.


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You can plead not guilty online with pictures of the actual VIN # and the error on the ticket side by side.


Plug in the plates or ticket number and proceed from there. If no search results, Might have to wait a week before the traffic cop plugs in the violation in the database.

They will respond via email telling you the judgement.


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Nintendo Switch.

  1. You can play it anywhere anytime vs console which requires a couch, a tv and time.
  2. pause it anytime and continue where you left off
  3. games aren’t as sweaty and demanding of time compared to console games.
  4. your lover or partner will play games with you on the switch it’s the perfect console for couples

Beware that even if you get time for the ps5 you might be burnt out due to your schedule,work shit and life things . Ps5 can sit there forever and will always be there but work and important life shit are time bound and those should always take priority over a damn video game box.


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You’ve been triggered by the nypost, eject and go outside for some fresh air.

Some guy trips and falls into the tracks and pulls himself back up, dusts himself off smokes a cigerrete and leaves.

NYPost: NYC MTA platform brutally trips innocent passenger falling 50 ft on the tracks with f train going 100mph almost severes his head with minor injuries and scuffs.