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Sorry it appears you’re a very literal person. You are correct, the buildings would not just physically poof and vanish. Without any profit, why would a landlord be a landlord? So the property would effectively be taken out of the rental market.

Please, explain how this would happen. The current landlords would just….donate….their property to a program for people to buy them at this rate? No landlord is going to be a part of this. The government would then have to greatly subsidize the purchase of 85% of all of the rentals in the US?? To then sell at a low price back to the public?

I understand there is an issue here, but it’s not a simple solution. You have the think about the economic impact of these “solutions” you’re proposing.


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Think about the consequences of what you think should happen. The housing supply would pretty much be obliterated. No one would have any incentive to have a rental property if it wasn’t for profit. The housing that would be left would be subsidized, but the amount required for this government funded program would be astronomical. It would basically mean that any rental for anybody would go through the government.


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Even though the taxes are higher here, the difference should be the same or less than the HOA you're paying now. You'd be looking at 2-3k a year in taxes all in, so rough an extra $250 a month. I think the utilities would be fairly similar, not including gas, but you can do a budget billing for gas year round so you'd probably be looking at $40-50 a month for that.

In that price range though you're looking at a fixer upper, you won't find a remodeled place, and a lot of those properties will come with issues like needing a new roof, new appliances, etc.


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Yup Pitt does use steam for some of that. It’s just really expensive so you’ll typically just see it in sectors that are subsidized in some way. It’s definitely a cool idea it’s just not cheap b


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