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Most mages have their classroom in a grandiose hall or a auditorium.

"Teacher..." Neima sheepishly looked at the mage beside her. Under a tree wasn't exactly a good place for teaching. So the gazes bothered Neima a bit.

But with a wave of his hand he spoke,

"Ignore those pretentious pricks. Now use silverware like a spoon for a catalyst and..."

Neima watched for a third time as the magic activated. She scribbled in her notes as the mage walked to the side and sat down on a chair.

"Now tell me despite the lack of Catalyst Crystal why did the magic activated."

Neima scratched her head for a proper answer. The mage waited for her to come to a conclusion.

"You used silver spoon as a catalyst."

"Yes. But why? What's my reasoning behind this?"

Neima once again scratched her head and looked back at her previous note and a word came to her attention,

"Mana Conductivity."

The mage grinned.

"Correct! Like the Catalyst Crystal, Silver has high enough resistance and conductive power to syphon Mana. But if you don't have silver what can you use instead?"

Neima was getting a bit scared honestly. Today he used simple Iron and a copper coin as a catalyst. Now silver yet there are more things that can conduct Mana.

Seeing her puzzling look the mage answered,

"Salt water."

The answer baffled Neima.

"We will end the experiment here today. Review what you learned. Next class we will learn effect of Mana in lower temperature."

Neima quickly noted down all the questions for homework. The mage got up and started to leave. Unlike usual Neima followed,

"You have something you wanna ask?"

"Teacher...why do you do these?"

The mage chuckled.

"Everyone ask me that sooner or later."

He shook his head as he answered,

"My answer is the same as always Neima. My goal is to make Magic available for all. Just like how my teacher intended."

"Did she really come up with all these?"

"Yes actually. She taught me all those concepts. Conductivity, Resistance, Super Conductivity and so on."

The mage sighed.

"Alas, the grand council never took her hypothesis seriously. Can't blame them though."

"Why not?"

"Well even to this day I'm not sure what she meant by Charges or Magnetic Wave. But I'm sure I can figure it out one day."

The mage said with confidence. He was her greatest student. He was also the only student but he skipped past that part.

The mage still remember how she spoke of a power. A power so great that would revolutionize the world. With that power no child will die because of cold. No house will be without light.

Yet no matter what he can't for the life of him figure out how to create that power.

She spent her life to bring it to fruition. And as her successor he must do it too.

Neima showed promise. Maybe if he fails he could pass her masters notes to her.

For everyone his master was a mad and disgraced mage. But he knew better.

"Do you wanna a hear a story?" the mage suddenly chimed to Neima.

"Uhh... Sure."

The mage smiled,

"This is a story my teacher often used to tell me."

The mage remeberd fondly as he spoke out,

"It's about a man who invented greatest power that changed the world."

Neima looked interested,

"Is this a real story?"

"Well according my teacher it's just a story from her home."

The mage turned towards her,

"She named me after man in this story."

Neima could see the look of pride and fondness in his eyes.

With a cough he started the tale,

"This is the story of Edison and how invented the power of Electricity."


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Trust us, we have been doing this since the dark ages.

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People don't work for a villain if they don't like him. I for one always made sure of that.

Holidays. You bet your arse you'll be getting them.

Childbirth. You can bet I'm gonna be that weird but cool uncle.

Having an off day. Pool party.

My company is my home. And my profession is to be a villain. Rank C. Code name Upsur.

It's fun seeing the upcoming heroes coming to my office arresting me. Thinking they finally put me down. But Legal Hero Act is a beautiful thing.

Just one simple lawsuit, I get released and compensation for the damage. Until yesterday.

Jay was supposed to be married this month. Mary wanted to surprise her parents so she wanted to leave early. Tanak's sons birthday is today. Oprius was the new intern.

All of them injured as the hero threw heymaker and threw me across the street.

Hero name, Zeus. A quite quite haughty one for a hero. He has a track record of insane collateral damage but always fights SS ranks. Not a mere C rank.

"Why?" I ask him as I dust off my clothes. His eyes showed a bit confusion.

"Why attack me?" I ask him looking directly in the eyes.

"Why not? I'm just a few villains short to make the list for most defeated villains. So I thought about cleaning the locals."

Zeus flew down. Come to think of it. I rarely saw him walking.

"You could have simply taken me to jail." I point that out.

To that Zeus gave a haughty laughter.

"Where's the fun in that?"

I smiled. He is right.

"Exactly. Where is the fun in that?"

No one knows why I am called the Upsur.

So when I threw Zeus across the city, I'm sure many would know why. But that's not the point.

"Are you having fun?"

I asked Zeus. His mangled face remained motionless.

The city was still intact. Apart for the damage he caused no further damage was done. Well except for his bones. I'm pretty sure I broke nearly all of them.

Oh well. Never could've figure what's so fun in fighting anyway.