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“In the display, “Palestine” was described as covering the entirety of Israel and the Temple Mount was depicted with a huge Palestinian Flag. The explanation for one plate says: “Fishing with nets is one of the oldest industries in Palestine. The shoreline stretches for 224 km from Rafah in the south to Ra’as al Naqoura in the North.” Ra’as al Naqoura is the Arabic name for Rosh HaNikra, an international border crossing between Israel and Lebanon in the North. Rafah is the border town with Egypt, in the South of Gaza. Thus the existence of Israel is totally denied and “Palestine” is regarded as covering the entirety of Israel.

Another description of a plate says: “The olive branch is the symbol of peace and is used to express the wish for an independent Palestinian state”. However, the picture on the plate accompanying the text shows the Dome of the Rock with a large Palestinian flag, implying that Jerusalem and in particular the site of what had been the Jewish Temple, would be part of a Palestinian state. The Temple Mount is the holiest place in Judaism and it is offensive for Jewish people to see a Palestinian flag over their holiest site.”

Seems fair the Jewish people were upset.

Also, isn’t there a rule about making up fake headlines?


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People who live in a black and white world, with no nuance, and nothing that doesn’t fit the narrative is acknowledged as even existing.

For these people, it isn’t enough to like police officers or be in favor of law and order.

You need to believe no police officer has ever done anything wrong, and every story claiming otherwise is a lie.

That every single story of police misconduct can be explained away, with the right video presentation, at the right restaurant.