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Bummer. Figured it was always too much to ask to have two Greek restaurants a block from each other downtown.

Maybe Paolino should realize his insistence on high rents is destroying downtown. No one wants to see empty storefronts with his logo on them a dozen times walking less than a mile across the city. You’d think a former mayor would understand that.


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> In 2022 a tremendous amount of guns were taken off the streets. Additionally, the gang from Silver Lake (responsible for the worst mass shooting in Providence history) was taken off the streets. Those two things are very likely why there was a large decrease in violent crime for most of 2022. Not some imaginary downward trend.

This is a bad thing? This indicates an increase in violence?

You’re the guy who sees the largest increase in fentanyl seizures at the border as a bad thing.


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Oh so now you love extrapolating data, when you’ve usually got such a hard on for ignoring it?

Optimism, friend. The city is in a great place, rates of violent crimes are at the lowest on average in decades.

Only forced, propaganda-style fearmongering would suggest otherwise. But that couldn’t be you, right? You don’t only ever post violent crime articles entirely out of context incessantly do you? That would be ridiculous. Like, no sane person would do that….


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Two homicides thus far, while tragic, would continue the excellent safety record for the city and follows the promising downward trend of violence in the city that we have enjoyed over the decades.

9 homicides in 2022 was the lowest the city has seen since 1972.


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Once again you demonstrate your inability to parse individual stories and isolated incidents from the overall trends and relative safety of our capitol city. Posting those out of context is either an intentional attempt to mislead or an ignorant understanding of how data works. Regardless, I will follow your posts with posts like mine every time, and I hope you will open your mind to the reality of the data and city living.


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To counter the OP’s incessant fear-mongering:


The violent crime rate has been dropping for decades in this city. There was a spike during COVID, that is true for every single city in America, but now things are regressing to the mean. Providence is a wonderful city and I have never felt particularly unsafe, but it is still a city. Use your brains and you’ll be fine.

And don’t let alarmists like u/Previous_Floor and his propaganda fool you into pearl clutching.