PM_ME_PARR0TS t1_iue7jkp wrote

I'm currently taking a thief to court who has stolen many things - and broken various laws - while she used to live for free on part of my property.

(Her responsibility was maintaining fences and pastures, and paying her own utilities. She did none of that.)

She went out of her way to sabotage things, steal furniture, etc.

You know what she left behind?

  • A full set of cleaning supplies.

  • A full set of gardening supplies.

  • Tons of great dog stuff.

  • Cattle equipment. It wasn't hers, but she stole a few pieces...and left the rest? One of them was an entire structure, so it's not like she was just trying to be sneaky and not push her luck.

  • Cookware. Including a big ol pot that probably cost a bit.

  • Tools. A bunch.

  • Their $90 modem.

  • Various other things that are in complete working condition?

She spent a month doing dumb shit like pulling the wires out of the water heater. Then left half her shit here instead of taking it to her own property.

She's also posting videos on social media that completely give away her baby daddy's workers comp fraud. Lol.

Thieves don't seem to be the brightest bunch. Glad the ones on your end got caught.