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I think I misunderstood what you meant then in your previous comment. I'm okay with children( 8th YEAR +) being taught that there are different sexual orientations ( and that it's okay to be that way-in terms of consenting ADULTS) This could/should be a part of sex education.

There are instances of homosexuality being observed in 500+ species. I'm not saying showing pictures or describe in depth the behavior or have repeated lessons on the topic, but being gay shouldn't be stigmatized any more in society.

I don't know what race theory is, but a lot of historical events are based in race and history should be taught objectively in a way that doesn't teach inferiority/superiority. Just the facts.

Gender psychology is a college level class, it's fine where it's at.


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Here's a pro-tip. School libraries don't show snuff or porn to kids. Most parents don't either. Religion is fine within society, but has no business in public schools as not all children believe in the same God(s) ( there's close to 3000 of them)

Yes, there are a handful of instances of inappropriate content in schools, but that number doesn't justify this full on attack on public education.


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All of the books? Or just the very few that have offensive materials? What defines offensive? Should a puritan be able to decide for me what my child has access to? What about the Bible? Murder, incest, cannabilasm, child murder. Should that be included? Biology books that explain human reproduction?