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Are you sure it's quite thst long though? I might be wrong but doesn't seem right to me. As far as I remember the movie starts with battling grievous during the clone wars as you said, then they chase him, eventually crashing his ship into Coruscant where Anakin reunites with Padme. I don't remember there being any long lapses in time


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Yeah but the point I was making was that the graph is visualising the timeline of the shows, not the individual characters. You've made a good start here but I definitely think it needs tweaks.

Also why is revenge of the sith like 15 years?


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Educate yourself. In addition to your laughable gun crime statistics there is also more knife crime in the US than in the UK, even adjusted for population. We just make a big deal about it and have a lot of campaigns to stop knife crime, that's why you hear about it more.

Edit: deleted a shitty source in favour of this helpful graph I found

Edit 2: Personally I think it's crass and disgusting to tout love of guns underneath an article about people losing their lives due to guns.


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How do you people not understand that the more legal guns there are the more opportunity there is to get illegal guns?

It's very difficult to get an illegal firearm here in the UK purely because there aren't that many guns at all. A legal gun quickly becomes illegal in the wrong hands.