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I wouldn't trust anything not on all trails, but if your looking for something different there's several wilderness areas around here you can roam without trespassing.

Just make sure you take proper safety precautions.


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I uae straight talk (Verizon side) and get 5g just about anywhere. Of course topography had a huge influence in whether I get signal at all in some areas.

The only issue you will have is if you go to an event like a football game, concert, or anything with a lot of people you WILL get deprioritized and will not have any signal. Other than that I'm completely happy with my service.


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I did some hours through EAS right before the pandemic and I liked their setup. It's smallish, at the time they had 3 different fixed wing single engine you could rent out, didn't really have any issues getting booked and the planes seemed well cared for, no mechanical issues and my pre flight was never an issue.

I know it's a drive but I'd call them up, good group of dudes.


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My entire neighborhood (like 6 houses on the neighborhood anyways) let's their dogs run off leash. I'm not even talking about sitting in the yard with them I mean straight up unattended.

Just yesterday the neighbors dog walked into my garage and took a shit on the concrete.

There's a smaller dog they chases cars constantly and I have to be really fucking careful I don't run him over.

It absolutely baffles me how people can defend this or think this is ok. This is a newish fucking subdivision with a HOA too.


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I have an account with Arvest and I have an account with SoFi .

Arvest gave me really good interest rates on my loans so I keep an account with them to maintain that, But I have honestly enjoyed SoFi banking more as the app has more tools to manage things.

I guess it depends on what your looking for.


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Dollar General typically has a bunch of them outside So provided they've not been rained on you can get a s*** ton of boxes for free. You might ask the associate inside and just be really polite and clean up after yourself.

My last move I did this exact thing and got 98% of my boxes for free there.


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I mean I've never been to Iowa.... But weather is gonna be a bit different.

-More snow

-Less Humidity in the summer

-slightly cooler summers

-more interesting tornado season


Census wise Iowa City is a lot smaller than Springfield, so that's either something you'll love or hate, that's for you to decide. Why not take a week vacation to Iowa City and see if its someplace you might see yourself?

Another thought process is your only young once, you already know Springfield, it might be better to learn a different area while you have little obligations?


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Generally most of the neighborhoods will fit the criteria in the Ozark and Nixa area. I'm assuming you live far from this area? I'd recommend you get set up with a realtor cause they are gonna be able to help you way more than any random person on reddit.

Also check out Rogersville Willard and Republic if you need to open up your such area a bit and enjoy living out of town a little more.


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Reply to Busiek! by DirtyOldSamurai

I probably went about a month ago. Some of the more well traveled trails might be really muddy at the moment (the trails east of 65) So I would recommend wearing nice boots or shoes you're not afraid to get dirty. I like to hike the West side as it's less traversed and the trails are more intact, But there are water crossings on several parts of the trails on the West side. We've had a lot of rain so I expect the Creek to be going pretty good.


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Reply to comment by endoh2112 in Looking for a therapist by endoh2112

Do you have a primary care provider? You can get a referral for a psychologist from him/her depending on what level of therapy you need.

Otherwise your insurance can provide you with a list of approved counselors in the area.