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But "fuck you" is what they'll tell you if you need a (nonemergency) service outside of Massachusetts. In fact, I know someone who was in the DC area and an ER doctor called MassHealth claiming that they needed something emergently, and MassHealth vetoed the doctor and told them to fly back to a Massachusetts hospital.


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Only on the appreciation after write offs. It appreciated by $1,400,000 - $300,000 = $1,100,000. Then you get to write off at least $250,000, so you're only taxed on at most $850,000 and the law doesn't even apply to you. (Unless you make more than $150,000 some other way. So in order to even hit that $4k in taxes you'd need to have a salary of $550k in addition to all this, or more if you're married.)


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>No shipyards means no ships which means no ships eligible for US-US travel under the jones act

This is the part that confuses me. Does a ship have to be built in the US to be US flagged? I would expect a ship built in Korea and owned by a US company could transport gas, notwithstanding the economics of it.

I guess you're probably right about the Jones Act though.