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Take any comments from this subreddit with a huge grain of salt. Even if you’re the only white person in the neighborhood, it IS racist to assume that will cause problems.

Do you think all Black people who live in majority white neighborhoods are scared all the time?


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Because one is only allowed to have one account?

Go deal with all the dog whistles about “culture” and “good families” under the hundreds of crime threads, stop wasting your time snapping back at me with some half-thought out response.


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Okay look at page 6 in the vision Zero doc with the map of incidents. Admittedly, the fatalities are a bit randomly distributed throughout the city, but looking at serious injuries and fatalities combined, I’d posit that there are more traffic incidents resulting in fatalities or serious injuries than shootings in the whiter areas of Philly.

Source for traffic injuries/fatalities:

Source for shootings:


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Also, figure out what the fuck this statement was based off and fire the entire chain of command that wrote and approved it.

Police cover for each other, it’s literally their culture. So no, arresting the cops who did this is not enough, police flat out cannot be trusted to be honest with the public and this is a vivid example of that.