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It probably ended quite as "well" as I think it did. With plenty of overtime for police, ambulances, hospitals, firefighters, judges and companies installing new window panels.

Just not as well as the organisers thought it would.


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I now have a vision of a "daycare". Filled with all kinds of brave warriors, heroes and rogues, who really enjoy and embrace their new lives. Even though they will happily punch anybody in the face, that dares making fun of their outfits.


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Well depending on just how much lore the protagonist dumps on Death and how good he fuels the Reapers addiction to the plastic crack, he might end up immortal. Playing Death forever while sitting on a golden throne...


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Julius Caesar was in a similar predicament once. He demanded a much higher ransom to be asked, or he would get them all crucified. In the meanwhile he spend a comparably comfortable time with them and much camaraderie was shared.

The ransom was raised, the ransom was paid after some time, Caesar got released, Caesar organised an army and had every single pirate crucified.