PacJeans t1_iy9x9jw wrote

Genuinely braindead comment. Do you call genocide of uyghurs trickery? Is it not a strong arm tactic to threaten Taiwan with invasion every week? You could go on and on. But sure China's clever and just doing business. If that's what you want to call predatory loans and imperialistic exploitation in Africa and Asia.

You also just reinforced what I said. America uses military power for its imperialism and China uses economic exploitation, "trickery" as you call it. But somehow China's imperialism is better? This isn't some utilitarian argument where we have to qualify the suffering each countries policies produce. They both exploit, and if either one can do it more, they will.


PacJeans t1_iqxz38i wrote

Just went through your profile. I really dig everything, especially the cactus demon. Your style is pretty close to what i have in my head when I attempt drawing. How did you learn to draw?