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There’s an SCP where a bunch of guys managed to use 100% of their brains- and most of them promptly died when their automatic functions shut off. The last guy managed to survive through sheer force of will before they found him and hooked him up to life support, but he’s still basically catatonic due to having to manage stuff like stomach digestion and what not


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> Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX is accusing the government of the Bahamas of directing unauthorized access to FTX's systems in order to withdraw assets after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S., court filings from Thursday show.

FTX is accusing (blaming) the Bahamian government of “hacking” into their systems and stealing their money after they went bankrupt.

This is insanely stupid and impossible unless they just so happened to have a 0-day poised to siphon off their crypto wallets for this exact contingency.