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I remember there was a manga where a body builder is one of the two potential candidates to take up the mantle of magical "girl", the other being the young generic kid you would expect. When he found out, he basically took it for himself even though the patrons wanted the girl.

In the event you wonder what that looks like:

I vaguely remember him actually being quite exceptional in working as a magical "girl".


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"It was only a few decades before a few of the more dimwitted ones taped knives to us. 'For silly videos on Youtube' they said, not realizing they shifted our evolutionary trajectory forever..."


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"Sir, how does one fight Avada Kedavra? You've said you have ways of defending against it?"

"No, I said I know how to prepare for after the spell is cast. Today class I will teach you how to sell your souls to multiple devils without them being none the wiser..."


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I'm not all that surprised, I remember at one point when I was living in Ontario they were sort of at war with raccoons when trying to make a garbage container that prevented raccoons from getting in and was inexpensive enough.

At one point the lid was made more complicated so they wouldn't be able to open it...but this resulted in the material itself being somewhat cheaper, and raccoons would scratch the bottom of the containers until they made a hole to grab stuff out of.