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"I was enjoying solitude," you complain to Sobek and Frigga over mugs of honeydew. "I didn't have... obligations. You know, the boons. The smiting."

"I always did enjoy a good smiting," Frigga chuckles.

Sobek hisses amusedly, mead running down his snout. "There are only threeee of them! Sssso it could be worssssse. Low expectationssss. I like the axolotllll though. Nicccce fellow."

"This whole setup seems... familiar somehow, though," you ponder. "A teenager girl? Summoning a deity? Quirky siblings with a cute animal sidekick? Come on guys... you know I'm not one of those omniscient deities."

"Ohhhhhhh..." Frigga suddenly looks hugely awkward; it's a slightly terrifying sight on a senior deity. The crocodile's tail twitches in confusion. You both look at her expectantly as she snaps her fingers. "Benzaiten! You around? Got a minute?"

A sudden vapour coalesces into a beautiful woman: Benzaiten, the Japanese goddess of creativity and art. "Frigga! What a pleasure! What can I offer you?"

Frigga explains your situation. "... and there is a cute pet. An axolotl."

Benzaiten laughs, the sound of a thousand silver bells in perfect unison. "Ah, I see. So amusing! The girl, manifesting power at her age of adolescence. You see, it is an anime!"


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> It’s bait. Not google acting out of the kindness of their heart.

IMO it's also free ongoing testing. They get to see how users interact with their software, as a LARGE aggregate. Very useful information.


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The Giving Tree said "OK, take this apple. I can spare it, and it will nourish you. But that's all. I'm setting a hard boundary."

And the tree was happy.


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> stealing footwear wearing a fake beard in London for no fucking reason

The answer is "because Doyle was an author who wrote about potboiler shit like fake spectral dogs and fake-beard-wearing shoe thieves (and people pretending to be scabby beggars and geese eating jewels), not guys who just flat out gank their enemies"... a notable exception being Col. Moran who just ganked his enemies.