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There are public ones. I used to live on the south side of town, and the two closest were diventures and the library center.

What side of town do you live on?

I imagine there's one close by. As far as I'm aware I think our greatest risk is earlier on, so most businesses should be open in the event we have a tornado.


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I'm trying to deep dive internally into how JRA converted to this, and the only thing I could imagine is medical miracles create larger income than simply the Love of God, which is what I experienced when I was in that cult.

I'm not saying they were ever a great church to attend (in hindsight at least, they are very persuasive when you're there) but I never experienced anything like this when I was a member a couple decades ago. It would be more like recovering addicts, or them helping rebuild burnt down houses, which I can at least acknowledge still that whatever works is helpful.

Regrowing toes....No idea what's happened between then and now.

Happy member and donate monthly to Brentwood now who I know loves everyone for who they are. Just saying I can see how easy it is to get wrapped up in JRA's bullshit. If you ever go, at least as I experienced in the early 2000s and I imagine has only become more persuasive, every sermon was like a hype concert. They are performers that make you feel good about yourself, so it was easy to just kind of believe whatever they say.


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Absolutely. Also, for such a relatively small church, they arguably have one of the loudest voices in standing up for minorities and LQBTQ+, and other similar communities.

At all the marches, peaceful protests, you will see them there showing them they are loved by God. With a facilty 80x smaller than JRA, and unlike JRA, they open their doors for the homeless as a shelter when needed.


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Pepsi warehouse and merchandising is $20/hr. Coke I believe is very similar. I know multiple people that have been hired from Walmart. I would imagine the warehouse is hiring but it's generally overnight and tough work. Merchandising is too, but it's a bit more normal a shift. I say normal, 5:01 AM is considered late, so you will need to consider that. It's not a set shift, but each week is similar if that makes sense. Like mondays are all the same route, tuesdays are all the same route, so on, but mondays and tuesdays are vastly different from each other. And some tuesdays are different from other tuesdays, as in your orders might be much bigger or smaller to work.

Some days you could be off close to sunrise, some close to sunset, and it involves traveling to different stores. I don't know if they are hiring.

Edit: Also just incredible benefits, as in the insurance is amazing. My wife works in the medical industry and said she's never seen as good insurance, as far as very low deductibles and OOP. It was $23 a week (you're paid weekly) to have a family of three on it.


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We recently went to Bentonville and I wanted to take my wife there as she had never been. It was super cool, but about 5 minutes into our walk, we noticed police everywhere, and they were taping off sections and told us we had to go back towards our car.

I got home and looked at the news, and it turns out they were retrieving a divers body. Pretty sad story.

Would recommend for walking, would advise against diving.


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This is so random, as in what does this have to do with driver behavior?

I will say we traveled through Birmingham recently and it was mostly fine, but Florida was a madhouse for me.

I saw an emergency vehicle a few hundred yards behind me and pulled to the shoulder on the highway in October.

Not one single car yielded before or after me. Never seen anything like it. They didn't give a fuck.

My cousin who lives down there blamed it on the vacationers, but there is no way all 100 cars that interacted with this in my vicinity were all vacationers.

We have some bad drivers and decision-makers, but other than the odd occasion of one or two drivers that didn't yield in similar situations, I'd never seen anything like that.


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Totally unrelated but which Walmart is this?

My job has me going to multiple Walmarts and it just doesn't look familiar. Maybe it's the angle


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Here is the text. The reference is from a user on Facebook who seems to be a local advocate for the homeless

"Tonight I drove through hazy streets that still smelled of smoke to find several displaced individuals to talk to them about this video captured by a volunteer and advocate. The video matched a story I had heard from several other people at other campsites over the last couple of weeks, so I asked them to tell me their story.

Those I spoke to separately shared the same details that led to the images you are seeing.

Three deputies from the Greene County Sherrif Department came to a campsite carrying gas cans. They told residents that they had two minutes to get out of camp. Residents scrambled to grab belongings and get out of tents.

They watched as deputies (two males and a female) poured gasoline onto their homes. They watched as deputies grabbed additional items lying on the ground and tossed them back into the tents; that they then set on fire.

Most residents shared that they escaped with only the clothes on their backs. They watched as their medicine, sleeping bags, blankets, a brand new heater, vital documents, food stamp cards, and food went up in flames on a day that the temperatures were going to plummet tonight into the low 20 degrees.

As their belongings smoldered, deputies told them that if they went elsewhere and put up a tent, those would also be burned.

A few weeks ago- County Commissioners stood up and praised the coordinated actions of the Sherrif for arresting more than 10 individuals at numerous camps for trespassing. They called these actions tough love.

What is happening right now is not tough love... This is violence. This is arson. This is bullying.

While we do not have video footage or pictures of the actions that led to this video and the stories that I have heard, I feel confident enough that the stories and details that I have heard over the last few weeks are consistent with this video to share it. I share it for accountability and awareness. I share it to advocate for victims of this behavior who are often made to feel that no one will believe them or how they are being treated by law enforcement because they are vilified and stripped of their humanity.

I would love to know if there is body camera footage of these interactions to confirm these actions or dispute the consistent stories and several locations of charred earth around our community.

I would love to understand if these ugly actions that set people back in their efforts to find stability and shelter in our community are the new accepted standard practice of our Sherrif's department.

I'm going to be honest- tonight, I am struggling.

As I sat with impacted individuals this evening and listened- my soul ached. I am angry. I am sad. I am disappointed.

We are better than this Springfield and should expect better from our leaders and law enforcement officers.

This is what being homeless in the Bible-belt looks like. πŸ’”"


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I think it's valid to bring up.

I'm all for the legalization but think education is also important.

I also understand those that are pro-legalization have been arguing against the "harmful effects" for so long that some feel there aren't any harmful effects. It's nowhere near the level that's been spewed to us for decades, but there is potential harm in smoking or undesired effects, and anyone that intentionally (or unintentionally) intoxicates another animal or non-consenting human I would consider cruel behavior.


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Budget also needs to be considered.

Though I wouldn't recommend going to a $200 restaurant for a first date, if budget is no issue at all then we have a great selection of fine dining.

Or maybe you pick up some Taco Bell on your way to Andy B's?

My wife and my favorite date nights weren't the most expensive or well thought out plans, it was the fun we had at wherever we were. I would not recommend a movie for a first date though, sitting awkwardly next to a date you can barely talk to for two hours.


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While I will say I never went into best buy feeling warm and comfortable, I also went in last week and felt uncomfortable. However they had a (cheap) product I needed and couldn't find elsewhere, and the only blue shirts I found were four of them socializing and felt uncomfortable disrupting, and couldn't find the product, so went outside and ordered it online to pick up in a new outdoor locker system they apparently have that would be ready an hour later. I got to the store and they gave me instructions to pick up at the counter.

Great experience.