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This is only a problem if you consider ethics and morality to be absolute laws that never change. Of course the responses to thought experiments change over time and across cultures, human thought isn't governed by static and unchanging laws. That's sort of the point. Likewise changing the framing can give some insight in how people think and how that can change.


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If small changes to wording in thought experiments change entirely how we respond to said thought experiments those changes are by definition relevant. That in itself is interesting and worthy of study.


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There's a few possible reasons.

First, the supply chain is still fucked for some electronic components, and complex modules like motherboards and graphics cards require hundreds of components to work so the stock my simply not be there.

Second, newer motherboards are a lot higher quality than older ones as new communications specifications come out. Every time there's a new USB spec, 802.11 spec, Bluetooth spec, PCI spec, etc. the components to work with those get more complex, sensitive, and therefore more expensive.

Finally, it's possible that despite sales dropping the market is just in such a place that keeping the price of the components high is the best way to make profit. Eventually the prices will come down, but if the market for new motherboards is currently saturated there's not enough volume to justify dropping the price yet.


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It will remain so for a long time because quite frankly that's where it is needed. The biggest advantages that 5G technologies (yes, many many technologies) bring is increased capacity. Generally speaking it won't be rolled out in rural areas because it's expensive and those towers don't really get that congested in comparison to urban towers.


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Modem manufacturers most definitely do have a role to play in that. Not all modems are created equal, and if Apple sold their modem to other companies they would have to provide a datasheet listing sensitivities at different bands.

That's to say, it's unlikely that Apple is the sole reason that this guy only gets 4 bars, but if you compared an iPhone and a Galaxy or Pixel at the same place at the same time you would get 3 different signal strengths.