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Sounds like hogwash to me. A plethora of fruits are available in spring and summer, as well as in tropical regions where hibernation isn't really a concern.

If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that the biggest "detriment" from fructose intake would be if one were to have so much that their insoluble fiber to sugar ratio were such that their gut biome destabilized


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Also not a physicist, but it seems to me like a lot of the models and terms we use to describe space and gravity assume a two dimensional plane of space for the ease of visualization. I get the impression that this often has the side effect of confusing the relationships between things like light, space, and gravity.


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I had a long period where I was a console gamer so I didn't upgrade windows XP until I finally bought a machine with Win10.

Also, in elementary school I was the IT kid who figured out how to make the Apple II GEs work when nobody else could. I had a Com64 at home and remember when Win 3.11 was the shiny new shit.

Now I'm a truck driver. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.